Old Pictures

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Pictures of Leo's parents and brother.  Leo as a child with his parents,  Leo and Lena shortly after being married, Lena's family at their store in Pittsburgh, and Leo & Lena's family in 1937.  Click on a photograph to enlarge it.

Left to right, John Henry, John A, Lizzie Boice, Mary, Annie, Leo (about 10 years old), & Regis in front.

Left to right, Lena, Mary, Stella, Robert, Joe, Jack, Betty, Margaret, Leo (Beaner), Bill, Regis, & Leo, in 1937 at the family farm.  

Leo (far right) as a child with his parents and siblings. Lizzie & John McClory --Leo McClory's parents-with Leo's brother, Regis, in the background.

Leo and Lena.  Probably 1911 to 1912.  Probably on their honeymoon in Trowbridge, Illinois

Lena McClory's parents at their store on  2738 Berg Street,  South Side Pittsburgh.

Leo and Lena's family.